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Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Frank via our Facebook Page, He asks: “How can I do position specific work with my players?”   Additional Resources Ebook: Coaching Fundamentals: Six Steps to Creating Quality Youth Soccer Training Sessions Your Players...

Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from Neil, via the PDP Innovation Space: “I start coaching a University team this month. I have not been involved with them before and clearly there will be new students involved for the first time...

Q&A Videos

The question this week comes from John, via the PDP Facebook page: “What are the best 9v9 formations, and why?”   Your Turn: Ask PDP Anything Each week, we will choose a key question from our community for discussion.  In order to...

The Blog

How do we help players develop resilience and tactical awareness to cope with defending out of balance? PDP Technical Advisor & UEFA A licensed coach, Dan Wright shares some advice. When playing an expansive or possession based approach there can...