Spanish football is constantly seen as a model for success in player development. Regular PDP Contributor & Founder of TOVO International, Todd Beane examines what elements of Spanish culture and football contribute to their consistent success in developing top players.

Why Spain?

“The ball is an essential part of the game.” – Johan Cruijff

Take this quiz.

Why does Spain produce such skillful footballers?

A. They watch quality football every weekend.
B. Club loyalty is a family tradition.
C. Children are comfortable on the ball.
D. All of the above.

If you answered “D” you would be correct.

But if you live in Spain like I do, you would be drawn to option “C” as the answer that differentiates Spanish youth football from many other great footballing nations in Europe and beyond.

The match is on.

My eight-year old son plays the ball back to Rupert who sits in the central defending position and attempts to build out of the back. On this occasion, Rupert makes an ill-advised pass that is promptly intercepted by the opponent. Within seconds the ball in in the back of the net, a tally for the opposing team.

Silence. A good silence…

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Todd Beane
Todd Beane
Todd Beane is the Founder of TOVO Academy, a football immersion program in Barcelona for players and coaches. Todd was also a Co-founder of Cruyff Football & is heavily involved in the Cruyff Institute.
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