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In Defence of England

With England recently crashing out of the Euro 2016 tournament against Iceland in one of the biggest upsets in football history, Dave Wright attempts to take an objective look at just where it went wrong and how now is a time for reflection, not revolution.


National Disaster

Iceland 2 – England 1: It was a result that sent Twitter into meltdown. Social media memes emerged within minutes mocking the English football team. The nation, (already in turmoil after a weekend of political conflict) needed the national team to step up and deliver some much-needed joy more than ever. They failed. All of a sudden social media decided Joe Hart was not good enough despite being a regular high performer. The nation left politics to one side and reverted to type, cynically savaging their three lions. The Welsh Dragon looked on amused as it stormed into the quarterfinals and once more everyone who had something negative to say about English football chimed in.

Yet this all occurred within two weeks of England’s first half performance against Russia being lauded by...

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