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Utopian Football: Why We Should Aim Higher

Diving. Professional fouls. Time wasting. These are extremely divisive things in the world of football. Why is it so? Shouldn’t we applaud players who manage to deceive referees? After all, isn’t this simply “winning at all costs” – a foundational idiom in today’s sporting environments? Aren’t “noble” players somehow perceived as weaker? You know, the ones who stop the match after committing a hand ball that no one noticed?


We’ve all been faced with this dilemma at one point or another. As a fan, have you celebrated a goal knowing your striker was offside? What about as a player. Have you refused to take a penalty when wrongly awarded one? How did you feel after your decision?

This conundrum is not a new one. It is as old as society itself. As a hunter-gatherer, do you hide the extra rabbits you speared, or do you share them with the hungry group? Do you force a weaker bloke out of his cave when it’s cold? Or do you take a less sheltered cave?

Many have...

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